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Hotel near UC Davis + Sac State University

Hotel Accommodations Near Sacramento State and UC Davis

UC Davis Friends + Family Rate

As Sacramento undergoes a dramatic revitalization, an influx of youth and millennials is enlivening the city. While the state capital has always been a political and economic center, it is also blossoming as a destination for students and visitors drawn to the academic offerings and fresh cultural scene.

Booming with expansions, the campus of Sacramento State University is a microcosm of the transforming city. A state-of-the-art science complex with an observatory and planetarium is on the way, as are new dorms for the growing student population. Also nearby is top-ranked University of California, Davis, placing innovation and cutting-edge research within easy reach. Explore these vibrant communities while bypassing the dorm experience—Kimpton Sawyer Hotel offers an indulgent stay close to the action.

Sacramento State University

Just five miles away from Kimpton Sawyer, Sac State is among the most ethnically and economically diverse campuses in the West. Nestled along the American River, the campus has been officially designated “Tree Campus USA.”

University of California, Davis

Ranked fifth among public universities in the United States, UC Davis offers academic breadth and depth, as well as a singularly active and diverse community. The university is located 16 miles away from Kimpton Sawyer. UC Davis Students and Employees are eligible to book an exclusive rate at The Sawyer. Please note that guest must provide a valid UC Davis Student ID, Alumni Membership Card, or Employee/Faculty ID Card upon check-in or rate will revert to Best Flexible Rate.